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1. Your Information in advance

Before leaving for Japan, please ensure that you inform the IDACA, sufficiently in advance, of the flight number, date and timing of your arrival at the Narita International Airport so that appropriate arrangements are made by the IDACA to receive you at the Airport.

2. After Arriving at the Airport

1) After clearing through the Immigration and Customs formalities at Narita, please look around for someone holding the IDACA banner. In case you are not met at the airport by anyone, please give a telephone call to the IDACA from the airport about your arrival.

2) To reach IDACA on your own, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Contact the AIRPORT LIMOUSINE Counter, and purchase a bus ticket either for Shinjuku Station or for KEIO PLAZA HOTEL in Shinjuku. The ticket is Japanese Yen 3,000. It will take about 90-120 minutes to reach Shinjuku Station / KEIO PLAZA HOTEL.
  2. Get down from the bus at Shinjuku Station and move to JR Shinjuku Station to take a train on the Chuo Line for Takao Station. After arriving at Takao Station go out from the south gate straight to taxi depo to take taxi for IDACA .(“TAKA-KO” taxi is recommended) The taxi charge is about Japanese Yen 1,500.
  3. In case you choose a bus for KEIO PLAZA HOTEL, getting down from the bus, ask the Hotel Door Boy to help you with a taxi and establish communication with the Taxi Driver to reach IDACA with the help of the IDACA road map given below.
  4. The taxi will bring you to the former Central Cooperative College complex (now JA National Education Center) in which IDACA is also situated. Please arrange to reach the IDACA building. The taxi charges would be about Japanese Yen 20,000(max). Please settle the charges with the Taxi Driver.

Please ensure that you inform the IDACA sufficiently in advance of the date and timing of your arrival at Narita Airport including the flight number to facilitate matters. The Narita Airport is about 120km away from IDACA.

The Institute for the Development
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The Institute for the Development of Agricultural Cooperation in Asia