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The aims of this institute are to provide training and research services to those associated with the agricultural cooperative movement with the intent of advancing the cooperative movement and thereby promoting the socio-economic betterment, primarily in developing countries. This Institute, in attaining such purposes as mentioned above, is to engage in the following activities;

  1. Training necessary for the development of agricultural cooperation;
  2. Research necessary for the development of agricultural cooperation;
  3. Publication of literature and pamphlets necessary for training and research work as well as collection and dissemination of information;
  4. Management and control of the training and research facilities and their installations for accommodation., and
  5. Activities other than those mentioned above which are necessary for attaining the purposes of this Institute.

The Board of Councilors and Board of Directors consist of the persons concerned in Japan as policy making and executive bodies, respectively. The Board of Advisors consists of the persons concerned in Asian countries as the advisory organs.

The Institute for the Development of Agricultural Cooperation in Asia