Follow-up Programme

Follow-up guidance and survey program is implemented in two ways; field survey with hearing from the ex-participants of two countries selected in ASEAN and South Asian regions, and survey by questionnaire to the ex-participants in the said regions on progress of action plans made in the training courses and on how the knowledge and the experience gained in the courses have been utilized.

Year : 2011
Country : Myanmar, Cambodia

The field survey of FY 2011 was conducted in the period from February 5 to February 12, 2011. In Myanmar we interviewed fifteen (15) ex-participants and visited two (2) primary cooperatives including a micro-credit cooperative. The arrangement of the program was made in cooperation with Central Cooperative Society (CCS).

In Cambodia nineteen (19) ex-participants were called for the interview and we visited two (2) primary cooperatives in two provinces to find that two (2) ex-participants in the respective cooperatives demonstrated good leadership.

Although they have various constraints such as the lack of funds and human resources, we were impressed to see the ex-participants in both countries who had been highly motivated after participating in the training course, and they have strived to promote agricultural cooperative movement which is expected to contribute to alleviation of poverty.

We would like to grasp the needs of participants correctly, and create effective training courses from now on.

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