Nov. 20, 2014



  1. FY2013 JICA Training Course on Implementation and Promotion of Agribusiness for African Countries
  2. FY2013 1st ICA/Japan Training Course on Fostering Core Leaders of Agricultural Cooperatives
  3. FY2013 2nd ICA/Japan Training Course on Fostering Core Leaders of Agricultural Cooperatives
  4. Message from Training Participant


Editor’s Note

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Former Executive Director’s Retirement Message With Pride and Confidence in JA Business Activities in Japan

Mr. Hiraoka, Former
Executive Director

I retired from the post of executive director last July. With IDACA celebrating its 50th anniversary last year, I gained a good opportunity to once again feel the weight of a half-century history. In addition, I was able to undertake various initiatives for continuance and expansion of IDACA’s business activities with support provided by people of the JA Group for the past three years. In particular, I take pride in and feel peace of mind for the encouragement I received from the members of the “I & You Club” (IDACA’s support team consists of IDACA’s regular lecturers), and I wish to express sincere gratitude to them for their support.

I believe that as long as the business model performed by the JAs in Japan, which IDACA has made much use as teaching material, remains excellent, the activities by IDACA to simplify that and try to convey it to the world, including Asia, will also not lose their raison d ’être.

As we see through the thoughts, however, the situation is unpredictable with regard to the fate of the latest JA reforms that began with the reports of the Agriculture Working Group under the Council for Regulatory Reform. In particular, the mentality and strategy (neoliberal economic principles, market principles) that are incompatible with us who work in the cooperative sector can be perceived in the background of the snipes against JA Zenchu and JA ZEN-NOH. Therefore, I feel all the more that it is necessary to maintain a proper stance more than ever before. Thank you very much!