April 1, 2011





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Introducing JA Activities—Part 1: JA Platform

Agricultural cooperatives in Japan have established the “JA Platform” as management principles and the code of conduct to be shared by the members, the officials, and the employees.

Taking into consideration the fundamental values and roles of the JA, the JA Platform shows the direction of development of the JA movement. It also naturally takes the Cooperative Principles of ICA into consideration as well.

In addition, in order for the members, the officials and the employees of agricultural cooperatives to share the principles and fulfill their respective roles and responsibilities expected of them, the JA Platform has the features of a unified platform established for the members, the officials, and the employees.

JA Platform
What we, JA, aim at

We, the members, the officials and the employees of the JA, hereby act based on the fundamental definition, value and principles of the cooperative movement, namely, autonomy, independence, participation, democratic management, fairness and solidarity, etc. At the same time, we strive to reform the organization, business and management, forecasting the changes of socio-economic environment with a global perspective. Furthermore, we make utmost efforts to realize a more democratic, fair and equitable society in close linkage with cooperators in the local community, in the country and in the world. To that end, we commit ourselves to sincerely playing a social role as an organization deeply rooted in agriculture and the local communities.

  • To promote the development of regional agriculture, thereby protecting foods, greenery and water of our country
  • To create an affluent local community where people can live with a sense of security through our contributions to the environment, culture and welfare
  • To attain the fruits of cooperation through active participation in the JA and solidarity
  • To ensure a sound management of the JA to live up to the expectations of the people based on the autonomous, independent and democratic management of the JA
  • To pursue a life worth living through learning and practicing the principles of cooperation.

The JA Platform was adopted as a renewed resolution at the 21st JA National Congress in 1997 by revising the “Agricultural Cooperative Members’ Platform,” which had been established in 1951 on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the issuance of the Agricultural Cooperatives Law.

The JA National Congress is a meeting held once every three years by the representatives of agricultural cooperatives across the nation to finalize the basic policy regarding the agricultural cooperative movement over the next three years. Prior to the Congress, the members, the officials, and the employees of agricultural cooperative organizations in various parts of the country hold organizational talks on the agenda of the Congress, in which their opinions are reflected.

In addition, efforts are made to have the JA Platform ref lected in the daily activities of the members, the officials and the employees through such means as having the JA Platform posted at workplaces of agricultural cooperatives, recited at general assembly meetings, general representative meetings, and various other meetings, and carried on various publications.