Mr. Harada, Former President of JA Zenchu and IDACA , awarded the Decoration in 2003

Mr. Harada, former president of JA Zenchu and IDACA, was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star in autumn, 2003 as one who has rendered a long-term distinguished service for Japan's agricultural promotion through the agricultural cooperative movement, for which he has gained high reputation.

Mr. Harada, assuming the post of president of JA Zenchu from 1996 to 2003, performed his heavy duty by exercising his strong leadership such as for enactment of the new basic law on agriculture, orientation and promotion of agricultural cooperative movement centering on the concept of symbiosis, and establishment of JA Bank system. And during the same tenure as president of JA Zenchu, he also made a great contribution to international cooperation as president of IDACA.

On December 18, 2003, a celebration was held for his award at a hotel in Tokyo, in the presence of more than 500 guests such as Minister of MAFF, JA people and distinguished representatives of the sectors concerned. Mr. Harada expressed his delight for his award saying, "I have been supported by many people in the course of my life. In this sense I have lived and have been lived with their supports and I would not have been able to stand on my own without their supports, which lead to the award. So a thousand of emotions crowd on me", and also encouraged JA officials and staff stressing the importance of 'Mutual help spirit'.